Our knitting can be inspired by so many things, including sweet memories from some of our favorite foods. If we can’t spend all day eating them, why not wear them?  Socks are the perfect medium to pay homage to those sweet treats and savory bites, and we found four pairs that we can’t wait to cast on!

Pizza Party Socks by Emma Kerian

Everyone loves a pizza party, so it’s no surprise we can’t get enough of these socks from designer Emma Kerian. The top-down pair of socks, complete with a traditional heel flap and gusset calls for about 350 yards of fingering weight yarn to create mini slices of pie around the toe of the sock. Keep ’em hidden so you don’t have to share! Because like Kevin Mcalister said,  “a lovely cheese pizza just for me!”

Apricot Sorbet by Clare Devine

A less popular dessert but one you never regret, sorbet is a cool summery treat that is tasty to eat…and wear on your feet. These Apricot Sorbet socks are worked from the toe-up and have a modified short row heel. And, if you’re up for a triple scoop, you can add Matcha Gelato and Lavender-Rose Ice Cream to your sweet sock lineup.

Rocket Pop Socks by Katherine Rollins

A classic, ice-cream truck treat, Rocket Pops bring back all the summer feels. Part of Interweave magazine’s Summer 2019 issue, these colorwork socks feature cool popsicles from cuff to toe. Worked from the cuff-down and sized to fit adult feet.

Tea Leaves by Lindsey Fowler

The best mornings are spent with a hot drink and cozy socks, so imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon socks named after tea. Sized to fit adult feet, these socks are knit from the cuff down and have fun elements like bobbles, eyelets, and a traditional heel flap and gusset heel. Knit them in your favorite shade of tea (green, black, herbal, or white) to make them a special pair for you sock drawer.