When February arrives we clamor to get out in nature. After two full-on holidays (we’re looking at you Thanksgiving and Christmas) and lots of time spent inside escaping the cold, we can’t help to daydream about warmer days spent outside. And we’re not alone. Take these four designers who paid homage to the great outdoors in these brand new knitwear designs. If you can’t hike or picnic in the park, might as well knit fabric inspired by volcanos, brushwood, cloudbreaks and mist.

Brushwood Beanie by Benjamin Matthews

This close-fitting beanie invites playful slipped stitches to fall from brim to crown. The texture gives off a bit of a forest floor-vibe, much like the name suggests. Knit this adult-sized hat with 155 yards of worsted weight yarn. 

Volcano Trail by Maxim Cyr

Work from the top-down, much like the direction lava flows, to make this easy-to-wear cowl. Use two strands of fingering weight yarn held together – a tonal and a variegated) – and watch the colors trickle and fade and organically flow together to make a fun accessory.

Curling Mist Socks by Helen Stewart

The first pattern in her Handmade Sock Society Season 4, these socks are inspired by the before sunrise hours in an Australian eucalyptus forest. The top-down socks features vertical columns of tiny cables that evoke the fresh loveliness of walks through the woods.

Cloudbreak by Melanie Berg

With fingering weight yarn, including your favorite set of minis, cast on this shawl that gives a nod to the rainbow that appears after a storm. Choose bright colors for this cozy triangle shawl to emphasize the hope, joy, and love that a rainbow can bring.