Regardless of our affinity for math, most of us celebrate Pi Day. March 14th and pi, 3.14, share the same digits, so it’s the perfect day to wax poetic about the number designated to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle. Or, better, the perfect day to eat pie. But since we can’t send you a slice, we’re sharing newly released pi shawls, circular wraps that give a nod to pi. And for those of you on a diet, we included half pi shawls, too.

Pizzelle by Jessica Gore

A true, Elizabethean (Elizabeth Zimmermann, that is) pi shawl, this lace weight circular shawl features breathtaking lacework and delicate texture. With its beachy vibe – a pattern that resembles a mollusk shell (well, at least in our opinion) and playful mini fringe – this lightweight shawl is the perfect day to night summer accessory. No need to finish the whole pi(e) if you’re not up to it. Designer Jessica Gore includes instructions for a very wearable half pi version, too.

Miss American Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Lovick

This stunning circular pi shawl welcomes spring with its open and airy design and tulip-like stitch patterns in the lacework. There is motion and texture, and a whole lot of details that make this piece one to be proud of. Want to add this to your summer wardrobe? Grab 1600 yards of fingering weight yarn and get to work.

Half Pi in a Crescent Moon by Clare Devine

This half pi shawl that is worked from the top down in two colors. Start with half-pi increases in the eyelet rows and then move to short row wedges to complete the wearable shape. Despite its cozy size, you’ll only need 525 yards of fingering weight yarn to get the job done.

Sweet Woodruff by Beatrice Perron Dahlen

Another half pi shawl that combines yarn overs and knit stitches to create an oversized shawl that is a stunning addition to any wardrobe. A nod to the sweet woodruff flowers that cover the woods near designer Beatrice Perron Dahlen‘s home, this shawl calls for 800 yards of fingering weight yarn.