Between staying-at-home and the upcoming winter season, a cozy blanket will be on the top of our must-have list. Sure we could buy one, but where’s the fun in that when us knitters have the time and talent to create one of our very own. And to make our blanket truly special, we rounded up four modular blankets that are not only fun to make, but look cool, too.

Windy Day Blanket by Purl Soho

With four colors of worsted weight yarn cast on this modular blanket that connects triangles into squares and eventually into a larger 28 x 42” rectangle. Sporadically incorporate pops of colors to give this blanket a modern and fun vibe.

Super Stoked Knit Blanket by Erin Black

Bring back the bold and bright vibe of the 80s with this graphic blanket made with intarsia and modular techniques. With five colors, work three panels, knitting side-to-side and picking up stitches as you go. Hold two strands of worsted weight yarn together (or use Bulky weight yarn) to make this statement blanket.

Parallelolamb Blanket by Stephen West

This colorful blanket is knit with 16 colors from the center outward. With a modular construction knit one stripe of color at a time, picking up stitches as you go to create a seamless blanket. Use 2679 yards of DK weight yarn and watch this blanket fly off your needles.

Joinery Blanket by Holli Yeoh

With unique construction – narrow strips are knit on the bias and joined to the blankets as they’re worked – Joinery Blanket features garter stitch fabric with textured diagonal stripes. The reversible blanket, sized 48” x 72”, is knit with 3960 yards of worsted weight yarn.