We love bright, colorful knits, but we love one-color projects just as much. There’s something special about a one-color design. Unique stitch patters become the star of the show, making these projects fun to knit, but also fun to wear. Today we found four new one-color, short sleeve tees that we believe will become timeless favorites. Make these knitted tops in a favorite or neutral colorway to keep them in high rotation all Summer long.

Nanamé Tee by amimonology

The perfect top for Summer, this lightweight and breezy tee features a cool eyelet pattern that falls diagonally across its front. Use a solid color of fingering weight yarn and a size US 4 to knit this tee that will become a piece you wear over and over.

Woodblock by Emily Greene

Part of Brooklyn Tweed’s new Ever Greene Collection, Woodblock is a stunning short-sleeved tee that features a textured stitch pattern that is reminiscent of a wooden print block. Use a solid color of fingering weight yarn and a size US 2 needle to work this bottom-up top.

Ridgeview Tee by Kerri Blumer

With head turning textural details, Ridgeview is a bottom up, short sleeve tee with customizable length options. Use knit and purl stitches to create a clever, contrasting v-neck design the extends from the belly button to the crew neck edging. Positive ease, slightly cropped length, and a boxy fit make this shirt one that you can’t resist casting on. Use a solid color of DK weight yarn with a size US 4 needle.

Daybreak Tee Tayler Harris

Textured stripes add a classic look and a visual punch to this one-color, short-sleeved sweater. US DK weight yarn with a US 6 needle to work this bottom-up top with comfy positive ease. A short button band in the back, at the nape of the next, is an unexpected detail that proves what a thoughtful design it is.