Stripes are a classic design feature that we never cease to be drawn to during the warm-wear months. And the start of this season is no different. Skinny or bold, monotone or colorful, crazy or classic, we’re here for the new designs that make stripes the hero. Today we’re sharing four new projects that offer stripes, each in their own unique way.

Issykol by Jennifer Dassau

Mosaic slip stitches are used to create a stunning two-color chevron stripe pattern that spans the length of this biased, asymmetrical shawl. A solid color-block border grounds the playfulness of the zigzag stripes. Knit flat from side to side, this shawl calls for three colors of lace weight yarn, yet is easily customizable.

Skyline Bias Scarf by Alexandra Tavel

Statement stripes are the hero in this oversized crocheted scarf. Worked with four colors of bulky weight yarn, these bold stripes stack diagonally atop one another beautifully no matter if it is worn draped over shoulders or wrapped several times around the neck Don’t feel like picking up a crochet hook? Pick up two sticks instead and make the knitted version, the Metro Bias Scarf.

Ruched Shawl -Light by Noma Ndlouv

This half-circle, one-color shawl features subtle stripes created by simple knits and purls; garter stitch rows form all-over stripes that are broken up by rowed sections of stockinette ruching. Worked from the top down, 787-yards of fingering weight yarn – preferably in a  semi-tonal or lightly variegated colorway – is need to knit this piece in its entirety. Don’t have any fingering weight yarn in your stash? Opt to choose this shawl’s predecessor, Ruched Shawl, a heavier weight version that uses 790-yards of Worsted weight yarn.

Botanique by Casapinka

This oversized wrap has stripes upon stripes created by intentional and unintentional color changes. Four colors of fingering weight yarn – in both solid and variegated colorways – are mix and mingled over 15 sections of this 92″ long wrap. Watch the variegated colorways organically stripe as you change between skeins and different patterns and textures.