No matter what season, decade, or garment, stripes are always on trend. Stripes – both horizontal or vertical – can add texture, visual interest, or even create a transitional segue between color changes. Even if stripes aren’t your go-to fashion choice, these 4 patterns make a good argument for the timeless trend.

Striped Bobble Cowl by Joji Locatelli

With two contrasting skeins of Fingering weight yarn, this long cowl features alternating colored stripes, eyelet sections, and bobbles on the cowl edging. Garter stitch texture adds a squishy, warm element to the scarf, but to minimizing on the purling, the designer offers instruction to knit the cowl flat and connecting the two edges at the end of each row.

June Hat by Meghan Kelly

Use contrasting, solid colorways to create the dramatic look of this eye-catching hat. Knit in the round from the brim up, June Hat employs alternating rows of colors and strategic (but super simple!) slipped stitches. June Hat calls for Worsted weight yarn and if you use skeins with about 220 yards each (like Kelbourne Woolens’ Germantown, you can knit a second hat by swapping the main color.

Facet by Jill Zielinski

A stunning, graphic shawl made with mosaic knitting techniques shows off how stripes can play well with other shapes. Traditional stripes run along one side of the shawl and flow into broken stripes, made with stitches of alternating colors. Revel in the delight on how stripes create diamonds and textures in this triangle shaped shawl.

In The Morning Cowl by Casey Day-Crosier

This long loop cowl combines three colors together in bold, color block stripes. Use Worsted weight yarn to knit in the round to show off your colors of choice in a simple, yet impactful way. Transition between colors with a 5-row slipped stitch stripe fade. Choose a gradient color palette or any 3 colors from your stash to knit this cozy peice.