When the first cold temperatures threaten our world our first instinct is to cast on something cozy. A hat is our go-to project to protect our head – it’s makeable in a weekend’s time, they pair with any outfit, and often times can fit more than one head in the house. In the spirit of quick knits and getting a hat finished before the snow starts falling in many parts of our country, we rounded up four worsted weight hats that are trendy and classic to top your tresses for years to come.

Windsor Lite by Claire Borchardt

With timeless texture and subtle slouch, Windsor Lite is a hat that fits heads from 16 – 20”. Cast on with a worsted weight yarn and knit in-the-round from the brim to crown. Grab 180-200 yards of your favorite solid colorway because we have a feeling you’ll be wearing it a lot.

Wingate by Samantha Guerin

With worsted weight yarn, cast on this new, richly textured hat from Samantha Guerin. Choose to knit a single or double brim before launching into the cables and columns that steal the show.

Tacconite by Virginia Sattler-Reimer

Narrow columns of polished cables make this textured hat one that sits well atop of any head. Give it a relaxed fit, make it slouchy, or create a fold up brim. However you fashion this hat, you’ll need 200-220 of worsted weight yarn to get the job done.

Full Moon Beanie

On-trend chunky cables are the star of this worsted weight beanie. Knit Full Moon Beanie in-the-round with 250-300 yards of yarn. And while the pom pom is optional, we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t add one.