A Users’ Guide To Stitch Scoop

There’s so much to love about having Stitch Scoop delivered to your inbox each morning. There are simply not enough hours in a day to progress your craft and keep on top of industry trends so we do that part for you. We scroll through social media, emails in our inbox, and patterns on Ravelry to deliver you the must-know fiber industry news, events, and trends.  With just a quick 5-10 minute read, you can digest the day’s coolest fiber industry news and spend the rest of the day doing what you do best: selling yarn to customers, dying yarn, designing a sweater, or working rows on your WIP.

But we understand that too much new can seem overwhelming. You can’t possibly join all of KALs, travel to every event, purchase every book, or cast on every project that we write about. But that doesn’t mean you should stop reading Stitch Scoop. Even though not all of Stitch Scoop’s daily nuggets of news will seem applicable to you, you can still optimize what you read to benefit you.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of Stitch Scoop:

Discover New Makers + Creatives

Each scoop of news in an edition of our Daily Scoop includes links for you to find out more about the featured dyer/designer/maker/seller/creative. If you like what you see, click through to their Instagram page and give them a quick follow or click through to their website and sign up for their newsletter. You may not be into the current newsworthy happening we shared, but a quick follow will connect you with future news from these makers or sellers.

Create a Pattern Library

We don’t expect you to cast on every new pattern suggestion we send your way (though we won’t judge if you do!). We always link to the pattern on the designer’s Instagram page and to the pattern on Ravelry. If you love the pattern, save it in an Instagram album or in your Ravelry favorites. You can even make a note that you discovered the pattern via Stitch Scoop so it jogs your memory when you need a refresher.

Bookmark Our Events Calendar

From yarn crawls to book signings, we feature events all over on our Events Calendar. Use these events to discover a new store, plan a trip, or be inspired to host your own event. Our industry is filled with so many creative events and you should absolutely use them to inspire some of yours! Plus, with the rise in virtual events, you may be able to quickly fill your social calendar without even leaving your sofa.

Find a KAL

If you’re itching to knit along with friends, you don’t have to scour past editions of the Daily Scoop to find the perfect KAL. Instead, head over to our Events Calendar and use the KAL filter (you’ll see the option at the top). You can then search to view our KAL listings by the day, month, or as a scrollable list.

Share with your Local Yarn Shop

If you discover a new yarn, book, or pattern through Stitch Scoop, tell your local yarn shop! Us makers love knowing the new and we know your LYS would appreciate your stellar intel on the next big thing. Plus, it’s a win-win. You’ll be able to visit your LYS to squeeze the yarn, flip through the book, or get everyone excited to knit the pattern!

Read Everyday

Daily Scoop and Cast On Friday emails are delivered to inboxes around 7:30 am EST (but please understand if we’re not always on time!). Read Stitch Scoop while you drink your coffee or brush your teeth and if there’s something the peaks your interest, save the email in your inbox until you can dedicate some time to it later. Making it a routine to read your Stitch Scoop emails will ensure you don’t miss out on something you love. If you miss an email, no problem! Head over to the Daily Scoop section on our website to catch up!