There were no shortage of yarn-themed advent calendars this year, connecting knitters with up to 24 mini skeins of fingering weight yarn. We love mini skeins. They’re cute and they make shopping more fun, because, let’s face it, you get to buy what feels like more. Today we share four newly released mini skein knitting patterns that celebrate short yardage and color changes so that you can put your mini skeins to use or make a plan for your inevitable scraps.

Polar Bear Shawl by Lauren Slagle

Transform your mini skeins into this marled shawl dream by knitting with two strands of fingering weight yarn held together. Use a random pairing of mini skeins to create an organic scrappy look, or hold one main strand throughout and add your mini skeins as you go.

Fly True by Melissa Alexander-Loomis

Mix and match your fingering weight mini skeins to create herringbone columns that you won’t want to stop knitting. With weave-in-your-ends-as-you-go instructions, get as crazy with your color changes as you want! By the time you finish, you won’t have any pesky ends to weave in.

Fade Into Advent by Lisa K Ross

Grab 24 different colors of fingering weight yarn to create this wrappable shawl. A unique circular center, repetitive garter stitch, and frequent color changes will make you quickly forget that you’re knitting a shawl that calls for 2000+ yards.

Walk With Me by Pauliina Karru

With 24 fingering weight minis and sock sized needles, knit these even striped socks that you will ever want to take off. Pick random colors as you go, or alternate two color sections as you work from toe to knee-high cuff.