Knit Fast, Die Warm

For most of us, a quick knit is a cowl or a hat, but Marie Greene of Olive Knits thinks otherwise. The woman who challenged knitters to knit a sweater in 4-days, is now proving that sweaters are a quick knit, too, with her forthcoming book Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2-Weeks. The book, which debuts in mid-February, features 20 very wearable, top-down patterns (think sweaters, cardigans, and tees) that intend to bust the myth that sweaters take 6 months to knit.

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Choose Your Own Shawl

From shawl designer Jen Lucas is Top-Down Shawls, a new book which features 12 lace-knitting patterns that are fun to knit and fun to wear. Use this book to explore different shawl shapes – including wedge, half-circle, and crescent – while getting lost in the designer’s mesmerizing and unique lace patterns. Follow the patterns as written or use the patterns as a “choose-your-own” shawl guide and make a one-of-a-kind shawl of your very own.

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Helen Stewart, the designer and podcaster behind Curious Handmade, has released her first book, The Shawl Society, which is a collection of the six shawl designs that were featured in her 6-month mystery shawl pattern club of the same name. Now you never have to wait again for a pattern to be released! Instead flip through the pages anytime to reveal one of the feminine, lacey shawls. The patterns offer shape and size variety while introducing new skills.

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Kicking off 2019 with a head-turning shawl, Anna Maltz’s Kleur is a collection of colors and shapes and unexpected wow. The asymmetrical shawl begins with a quarter-circle and quickly grows into a show-stopping piece that combines colored wedges, decorative eyelets, and contrasting garter stitch stripes. While we love the original with traditional rainbow wedges, you might consider an ombre fade or a monochromatic blend.

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