What do Justin Timberlake and Andrea Mowry have in common? They brought sexy back. According to Edith Zimmerman anyway. Over the weekend, the New York magazine blogger wrote a “love letter” to Andrea Mowry where she waxed poetic (Gretchen Weiner style) about her lipstick, her designs, and her “sexy” Find Your Fade. While us knitters have known about the brilliance of a Drea Renee Knits’ pattern for some time now, it was an awesome sight to see it spelled out in a national, non-knitting publication. We couldn’t imagine a better ambassador to knitting than Andrea Mowry.

Read the article: https://www.thecut.com/2019/01/a-love-letter-to-knitting-designer-andrea-mowry.html


If you’re feeling helpless amidst the PETA chatter spearheaded by Clara Parkes (she’s been setting the record straight in a must-read thread on her Instagram feed about the emotional, fact-less PETA billboards claiming wool is unkind), there is now something you can do. Fluffy U Fiber Farm in Dover, Pennsylvania has announced that their flock is now available for adoption. But that doesn’t mean you have to sheep-proof your backyard. For a nominal fee, you can adopt one of their Wesley/BFL cross, BFL and Leicester Longwool, or BFl/Romney cross sheep from afar (meaning it will stay put on the farm. In return, you will receive information about your sheep, their fleece in the spring, and the opportunity to visit the farm for the shearing of your sheep. Plus, you’ll receive a first-hand account of the healthy, happy, and kind life a sheep can live. If you can’t swing an adoption this year, keep an eye on Primrose Yarn Co. who is working with Fluffy U on a special farm-to-needle project!

Contact Fluffy U Fiber Farm for more information: http://www.fluffyufiberfarm.com/livestock-for-sale/


La Bien Aimee, the Parisian hand-dyed yarn that designers adore and you have drooled over from afar, will soon be available in the United States. More specifically, at Brooklyn General Store in, well, Brooklyn, New York. The purveyors of knitting cool will debut their inventory of La Bien Aimee at Vogue Knitting Live NYC January 25-27, along with a custom colorway called Blood Root (shown in the picture above). And if that wasn’t enough to get your needles excited, Aimee – yes, the yarn’s namesake and dyer – will be in the booth to help you shop. Just think – now you might finally be able to get your needles on the original colorways in the Comfort Fade Cardi.

Clear your calendars and get directions to Brooklyn General Store: https://www.brooklyngeneral.com/links/

Cast On: Darkwater

Want to knock a few resolutions of your to-knit list? Darkwater, a new pullover sweater design from Jennifer Steingass, might just be the pattern for you. The lightweight sweater is knit in one piece from the top down and features simple, 2-color stranded colorwork. Whether you’re looking to tackle colorwork, work with a color combo you’ve never used before, or simply want to knit more sweaters, this project is for you.

Scoop up the pattern on Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/darkwater