Alpacas Take Over Starbucks

Your yarn stash might be maxed out, so why not reallocate your efforts to improving your mug collection? Starbucks China has released a collection of adorable alpacas mugs and accessories that just beg to bring you your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Sure you could pick up some swag on eBay, but we think taking a trip to China makes more sense. Because of course there will also be a yarn store or two, and yarn stashes always have room for souvenir skeins.

Open Barn At Swans Island

The team at Swans Island is having their first ever Barn Sale this Saturday, June 29th and all are invited to shop their iconic blankets, throws, yarn, and apparel. From 9:00 am – 5:00 pm the team will be offering great prices on these seconds, clearance, and one-of-a-kind items. Not only does this give you a reason to take a spontaneous trip to midcoast Maine, but it also gives you good reason to finally purchase one of their lust-worthy throws. And pad your stash with some of the softest, most eco-conscious yarn around.  The shopping happens at Swans Island Company Store, located at 231 Atlantic Highway (Rte 1) in Northport, Maine.

Wacky Inflatable Tube Knitting

Most of us are used to seeing Wacky Inflatable Tube Men out the car window, but Providence, Rhode Island residents get to experience Pneuhaus’ most recent temporary structure made from inflatable objects. Pnit, a larger than life, illuminating knitted “swatch,” was created for PVDFest by Pneuhaus artists and will hang on the Civic Center Garage facade at 164 Washington Street for the next five months. The color-changing, inflatable piece pays homage to the city’s rich history in the textile industry. It shows off the strength and simplicity of a knitted stitch, which is so important in our everyday life, yet goes mostly unnoticed.

CAST ON: Z Is For Zebra by Emma Kerian

She won us over with her food-themed accessories (remember her pizza socks and fruity mitts?), and now she’s giving us all the heart eyes for her new animal print socks. A follow up to her leopard print Not Your Typical Cat Lady Socks, comes Z is for Zebra, a funky pair of ankle socks that will have you kicking off your shoes as often as possible. Worked from the cuff down, with an afterthought heel, the stranded colorwork of zebra-print is deceptively simple thanks to the 8-stitch repeat and charted instructions. Use traditional zebra colors or go wild by pairing a neon with a neutral for an epically fun pair of socks.