Isabell Kraemer Makes Her Field Guide Debut

Mason-Dixon Knitting‘s 10th edition of their popular pocket-sized knitting guide is now available to add to your collection. Titled Downtown, the issue features three very wearable designs from legendary knitwear designer, Isabell Kraemer, along with articles from the MDK duo and their signature wit. Choose to knit one of the two sweaters – a one-color, sport weight pullover with a lacework yoke or a lightweight, fingering weight pullover with simple, stranded colorwork – or knit a couple of her ribbed cowls. But you have time to decide what you cast on first, MDK will host a knit along for No. 10 starting sometime in April.

Knitting Math To Improve Lives

Researcher Elisabetta Matsumoto at Georgia Institue of Technology is studying stitch types to understand how their shape and stretchiness could help design new "tunable" material, like biological tissue needed to repair torn ligaments. While knitters understand there is math behind every pattern, Matsumoto is taking the numbers to a new level by trying to create a code that explains the interlocking series of slip knots of material. So, we admit that the math and the research don't make total sense to us, but we can rally around the idea of using knitting's power for good. Plus, this article provides a good rebuttal when you run into a person who makes a "my grandma knits" comment.

Test Knitting Finds A New, Pond

Hoping to revolutionize the test knitting process, Yarn Pond is a new platform that connects designers with test knitters in a streamlined and efficient way. After setting up a free account, knitters can search for open test calls, get a full overview of the test knit parameters, and communicate with the designer all in one place. And for designers? They can review testers before starting a relationship, create "milestones" to track tester progress, and even create pattern feedback forms for testers to fill out. This centralized communication portal aims to simplify the testing process, which is a good thing. Because happy designers equal happy knitters.

CO: Night Tour

By Ririko, Night Tour is a rectangular shawl that is open and breezy created by a sequenced series of lacework and cables. Knit with fingering weight yarn, this shawl's size is easily adjusted by adding or subtracting repeats. However, if you want your shawl to look like the designer's sample (why would you want to mess with perfection), then grab 1564 yards of Tosh Merino Light in Ink colorway and get to work.