Stitchers are simply the best, as evident by the latest story making the Internet rounds. Thanks to all around good person Rodajia Welch, a bunny who was born deaf, with only three legs, and with no ears is now getting a whole lot of love. Rodajia adopted the furry little thing, named her Mimi and now crochets her headpieces to make up for her missing ears. From traditional bunny ears to holiday-themed wear, Mimi has a hotter hat collection than most.

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The funny folks at SNL decided to use knitters to prove their point on this weekend’s Weekend Update. The hosts were providing commentary on the UN’s recent climate change report and suggested that in order for people to take action in support of the environment it needs to be specifically explained what’s at stake. Take white women for example, they said, and tell them there won’t be anymore yarn; because white women love yarn. It’s funny because it’s true. #savetheyarn

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Quince & Company has released their 7th Scarves, Etc collection. Knit with their cold weather birdies – Tern, Phoebe, Owl, Puffin, Lark, and Osprey – the 10 scarf, cowl and shawl patterns offer something for every knitter. There is 2-color brioche, lacework, stripes and a whole lot of texture. The patterns are available individually, but we recommend scooping up the ebook. Work your way through the patterns and you’ll have 10 gift knits for the holidays. #winning

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CO: Rainshadow by Melanie Berg


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This asymmetrical shawl, the latest from Neckwear Queen Melanie Berg, features unique lace detail and incredible drape that will accentuate any outfit in a most spectacular way. Choose two contrasting colorways of fingering weight yarn (or pick two fadeable colorways!) to work your way through the strip, garter, and lace sections. It’s a pattern that will keep you interested while you knit and put a pep in your step anytime you wear it.

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