You might have labored away on gift knits for your friends and family, but woman won Christmas without even making one stitch. Fiber fanatic Lisa Bishop enlisted her boudoir photographer daughter, Samantha Bishop, to take a series of photos of her for her husband. In a series titled “Grandma: Gone Wild” Lisa gets comfy in a bathtub full of yarn. With cameos from a crochet hook, Whether’s Originals (yes, the candy), and a precariously placed lamp, the photos may just inspire your own photoshoot.

See the entire photoshoot here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/grandma-takes-boudoir-photos-as-a-christmas-present-for-grandpa-and-he-likes-it_us_5c2141d0e4b0407e907dbb10


Road trips have knitters yelling “shotgun” as we all know the open road provides some of the best distraction-free knitting time. But what about if you and your travel mates could knit while traveling? Amtrack is currently accepting applications for their #AmtrakTakeMeThere Social Media Residency program, which will afford the lucky winners the opportunity to travel their signature long-distance routes. While many will apply, we couldn’t think of a better winner than a knitter.

Get the rules and apply now through January 31, 2019: https://www.amtrak.com/about-amtrak/residency.html?cmp=pdsoccc-120518-Instagram-TakeMeThereboost1

Calling All Makers

In an effort to create community making spaces within their stores, Michaels craft stores are opening up a unique opportunity to makers with their new MAKERS Nation program. Currently available in select cities – Los Angeles, Chicago, Kansas City, Northwest Florida and Salt Lake City – instructors will be offered an opportunity to teach what they know best (and make money!) on their agenda all within the classrooms in Michael’s stores. So for those without an LYS nearby, this could be your chance to find a knitting table full of fiber friends.

Want to become a MAKERS Nation instructor? Apply here: https://www.michaels.com/makernationteachers.html

Cast On: Minero

Baby Cocktails designer Thea Colman caps off the year with a quick-knit hat that combines unique cable panels with slipped stitches. The knits and purls throughout the hat create texture perfect for a solid color yarn. Plus, it’s unisex design makes it a hat you can gift, share, or love yourself.

Get the pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/minero